Beautiful wedding and a crazy day!

So I am blogging from my Blackberry waiting for everyone to arrive from the ceremony and it seems like all kinds of craziness has happened today.

I will certainly have to finish this blog on a real computer soon as there is so much to tell.

I can at least say the things I know for sure about wedding day, wedding planning, and vendors.
One-a well prepared planner always knows the LOCAL number to 911. Don’t even ask…just know that if there is ever another emergency at one of my client’s weddings, I know who to call and it aint Ghostbusters.
Two-Trio Blanchette provided beautiful music for us today. Make an effort to book those ladies for your next affair.
Three-Mt. Pleasant winery was nice as usual…way too crowded though. Who plays football/kickball next to a wedding ceremony!?!? If you are interested in booking a venue that is not private, remember you run the risk of nosey and loud patrons intruding on your time.
Four-the Stegton hall in St. Charles is not on my list of preferred vendors. First a minor room mixup, the staff is really nice but the owner is fussy. We will see how the rest of the night goes…
Five-THE COUPLE HIRED A PLANNER FOR A REASON! You (other vendors) are a vendor contracted to provide 1 component of an overall event that I have been hired to manage and tie together. Now I am the nicest most accomodating planner ever (as told my countless vendors who otherwise hate planners) but please let me do my job and I will graciously step aside for you to do yours! Don’t tell me, “I have a plan”. No dangit- I MADE the plan! With the couple!!!

Anywho…my fingers r getting blackberry cramp so ill finish later; all good things hopefully!


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