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2 blogs in 1! Clinton wedding and Wedding menus

It’s your lucky day; 2 blogs in one!

Sorry I am 2 weeks late but I loved hearing about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding so blog #1 is about her nuptials.  Blog #2 is a spin off and I want to hear your comments about wedding dinner menus.

Congratulations to the beautiful bride Chelsea Clinton and her handsome groom Mark Mezvinsky.  And another congrats to the other bride who was also married in Rhinebeck and got more than she hoped for when the first family also booked a wedding in the same area.  And of course I remember the couple’s name (Emn Haddad-Friedman and Alex Bero) as I felt so terrible for her.  Each bride deserves to have a beautiful wedding day without the stress of the secret service stopping your guests from reaching your event.

Here is my rant on the issue.  Some bloggers, “journalists”, and comments posted about the Haddad-Bero wedding said that she was being selfish and a bridezilla.  Can someone please tell me why, when every other woman gets “her special day”, does Emn get called a bridezilla for RESPONDING to inquiries about her jitters once she found out about the Clinton wedding?  I don’t think she went seeking media attention?!?!  Correct me if I am wrong.  And so what if she did?!  It was her day too.

I felt her pain when she said that her hard-working single mother was paying for her wedding and it would be a mess if her plans were messed up because of secret service, excessive traffic, and nosey locals.  IMO-the Clinton’s have so much more money they can afford to change details so as not to infringe; it would have been a very thoughtful and generous (albeit not mandatory) thing to do.

As a penniless bride myself, I would be devastated if a celebrity wedding was on the same day in the same small vicinity.  Wedding day is crazy enough without having to worry about if and how your guests will arrive to celebrate with you.  I think Emn Haddad-Friedman and Alex Bero were justified in their worries.  I also feel that they handled the situation with class and grace.  How becoming of a bride!

Another tiny issue that bothers me is the only follow-up I heard about the Emn Haddad-Friedman and Alex Bero wedding was in the that the wedding did in fact go off without a hitch.  Something about swashbucklers though…gotta love the desire to be unique at your wedding!  I didn’t expect this smaller, less famous wedding to get all the hoopla of the Clinton wedding but follow-ups are nice.  Maybe it’s just me…

Final thoughts: When faced with wedding day woes, keep your composure as it will usually work itself out (get a planner and your odds increase greatly!).  If things do go awry, guests are missing, dress is ripped, whatever…at the end of the day, you will still have married your prince charming!  Your guests will always smile when they remember your wedding mishap and how you handled it with poise instead of like this infamous bridezilla.

Bride who threw vases and food at staff!

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Wedding Planner Getting Married!!!

So today and over the last 48 hours, I finally got a chance to experience the emotional rollercoaster that a bride experiences. I did the very thing I tell my clients NOT to do: set your date before you find a venue. Rule #1 of wedding planning: YOU HAVE NO DATE WITHOUT A VENUE! UGH!

As much as I love the Sheldon Concert Hall, they really irked me when they (and I believe intentionally) told me my date was available then once we toured it, fell in love, and were ready to sign, they all of a sudden had been booked on MY date since March. I really believe they did this to get me hooked, then I would just pick another date. No way – I am a 9-10-11 bride and thats final! So the Sheldon lost my business and my confidence as a planner/vendor referral.

Anyway, we settled on the Polish Heritage Center since they are huge, inexpensive, and have an open catering and liquor policy. I will keep you posted on the quality of this venue.

I will be compiling all these lessons learned into a book (big dreaming again) that talks about how a planner does her own events. After my first mistake, I am not sure how this will go! Stay tuned!

Lessons Learned: 1-Remember the big picture – you are marrying the one you love; no other details really matter though they are important and that can and will be solved! 2-hire a planner from day one!!! 3-(TRUTH) the venue is NOT working for you; their “planners” and event managers are there for the venue and to get $$$$$$.

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