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Score: David’s Bridal-1, Bride-1

I think I can declare this a win-win situation.  Let me explain…

My mother was so ready to find my gown and since David’s was having their annual $99 sale, we booked an appointment, grabbed my 2 MOH and aunt, and we went shopping.  I went straight from work and somehow I forgot to grab my super high-heeled, sexy, sex-and-the-city, hot-pink heels as well as my planning binder.  Yes, even wedding planners space out at times!

Gotta love the shoes… (as I repeat to myself: I CAN walk on grass, I  CAN walk on grass…)

Anyhow – We picked out several gowns in the store, about a dozen, including the 3 I had my eyes on from the online shopping I did.  I tried one 1 that my aunt liked first.  My wiiiide hips were too much but the gown was beautiful.  I grabbed a random, very plain veil to see how the look would come together and everyone loved it…big mistake.  it was $79!!!  FOR A PIECE OF TULLE!!!!  Insanity.

The second gown I tried was one with color and lots of pickups.  Liked it.  The 3rd gown was a very plain and simple cuff style gown that we all loved because it was me-plain!  I prefer the word classic but whatever.  We were ready to purchase but I convinced everyone to chill and let me try on a few more since I never plan on doing this again.  I’m sooooo glad we did because the 4th gown was THE ONE.  I will not be showing in online anywhere until after the wedding but it is perfect.  The saying is true: when it’s the one, you will just know!  Wait, was that saying about the gown or the husband?  Who cares.

At the end of the night (3 hours later!), my mom bought the gown, overpriced veil (that was conveniently discontinued), a different more classic pair of shoes, and the huge fru-fru slip.  Almost $800 later, we left for dinner.

Now for the wedding planner’s comments: I usually tell clients do NOT go to David’s first and do NOT let them talk you into buying up the store.  Well damn if I didn’t do just that!

In the end, I am happy; The saleslady was really nice and not pushy and I loved what I got.  Thus the win-win score.  Next time however I will NOT buy the veil; I am fairly crafty and could have EASILY made it myself for about $70 cheaper.  Same with the shoes.  They are cute but, I already have a pair that I LOVE!


  1. Not going to some fancy bridal salon and sipping champagne while I try on gowns waaaay out of my budget.  Hey, how many times in life will you get to play dress up in designer gowns!?!?
  2. Not talking to my favorite seamstress about her price for the same gown.
  3. Booking the last time slot of the day.
  4. Not sticking to my “rules”!


  1. Remember your shoes or at least a pair of high heels.
  2. Don’t succumb to the pressure (or let your mother fall either).
  3. NEVER TRAVEL TO BRIDAL APPOINTMENTS WITHOUT YOUR BINDER!  The picture above of me with my 2 MOH holding the purses

    The 2nd best dress-classic!

    is only because I didn’t have my color swatches.  We ended up buying 8 swatches!