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Wedding Planner Getting Married!!!

So today and over the last 48 hours, I finally got a chance to experience the emotional rollercoaster that a bride experiences. I did the very thing I tell my clients NOT to do: set your date before you find a venue. Rule #1 of wedding planning: YOU HAVE NO DATE WITHOUT A VENUE! UGH!

As much as I love the Sheldon Concert Hall, they really irked me when they (and I believe intentionally) told me my date was available then once we toured it, fell in love, and were ready to sign, they all of a sudden had been booked on MY date since March. I really believe they did this to get me hooked, then I would just pick another date. No way – I am a 9-10-11 bride and thats final! So the Sheldon lost my business and my confidence as a planner/vendor referral.

Anyway, we settled on the Polish Heritage Center since they are huge, inexpensive, and have an open catering and liquor policy. I will keep you posted on the quality of this venue.

I will be compiling all these lessons learned into a book (big dreaming again) that talks about how a planner does her own events. After my first mistake, I am not sure how this will go! Stay tuned!

Lessons Learned: 1-Remember the big picture – you are marrying the one you love; no other details really matter though they are important and that can and will be solved! 2-hire a planner from day one!!! 3-(TRUTH) the venue is NOT working for you; their “planners” and event managers are there for the venue and to get $$$$$$.