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St. Louis Wedding Contest

I am looking for partners to produce a contest for a couple to have their wedding for $2500 or free if possible.  I am looking to do something like the Today show on NBC where the community selects a couple and all of their wedding components.  This is a huge marketing opportunity for the vendors as your name will be on all media and promotions.

Please contact me if you are interested.  I am looking for newbies to the business as well as seasoned professionals, however, all vendors MUST have references.  You will be donating your services in exchange for advertising with the event.  You will be expected to help market this; the more people we promote this to, the better.

The wedding will take place late summer 2011 for about 80-100 guests so you have a full year of marketing!  This will take limited effort (from the vendors) and is an awesome opportunity.

The couple will only be responsible for: their rings, guest favors, bridal party gifts, the cost of the food ONLY (the caterer will be donating time just like all the other vendors), and the amounts listed below next to each vendor not to exceed $2500.  The wedding will take place on a Sunday or Friday in an effort to reduce the expense to the venue.  The goal is that the vendors will donate their time only and not be out a huge expense for materials.  If I find a corporate sponsor for this event, the costs to the couple will be reduced first, then the cost to the vendors.


I am in need of:
website designer ($50)
photographers ($50 for the CD of pics and the rights)
videographers ($50 for the DVD)
linen company ($25 for delivery)
stationery designers ($50 for materials)
cake bakers ($50 for materials)
caterers ($ TBD)
ceremony locations
dress makers or dress shops or anyone willing to donate a dress
men’s suit shops
jewelery designer
makeup artist
hair stylist
event decorators
and any other wedding vendor which I may have forgotten!

(The wedding planner is booked!!!)

email me at for more info.  Please pass this along!

Wedding Planner Getting Married!!!

So today and over the last 48 hours, I finally got a chance to experience the emotional rollercoaster that a bride experiences. I did the very thing I tell my clients NOT to do: set your date before you find a venue. Rule #1 of wedding planning: YOU HAVE NO DATE WITHOUT A VENUE! UGH!

As much as I love the Sheldon Concert Hall, they really irked me when they (and I believe intentionally) told me my date was available then once we toured it, fell in love, and were ready to sign, they all of a sudden had been booked on MY date since March. I really believe they did this to get me hooked, then I would just pick another date. No way – I am a 9-10-11 bride and thats final! So the Sheldon lost my business and my confidence as a planner/vendor referral.

Anyway, we settled on the Polish Heritage Center since they are huge, inexpensive, and have an open catering and liquor policy. I will keep you posted on the quality of this venue.

I will be compiling all these lessons learned into a book (big dreaming again) that talks about how a planner does her own events. After my first mistake, I am not sure how this will go! Stay tuned!

Lessons Learned: 1-Remember the big picture – you are marrying the one you love; no other details really matter though they are important and that can and will be solved! 2-hire a planner from day one!!! 3-(TRUTH) the venue is NOT working for you; their “planners” and event managers are there for the venue and to get $$$$$$.

Welcome to Blogging

Hello fans of Details, Details, Details! Please stay tuned for a weekly (hopefully!) blog all about weddings and events. Karen, that’s me, the owner and Senior Event Planner, will be talking about event and wedding trends, fun facts, tips, my experiences, showcasing some vendors, and much more. Stay tuned! Also follow us on Twitter @DDDetails Our website is getting a makeover from Patrick at so a new look is coming soon.